Buying a new car

How It Works in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1You pick the car

You decide on the vehicle to purchase. Alternatively, we can work with you to recommend a suitable vehicle that fits your budget and criteria.


Step 2We arrange a test drive

We can arrange a 'no pressure' test drive either at your local dealer, your home or office. No matter how certain you are about a car, the test drive will immediately determine whether the vehicle meets your expectations.


Step 3We engage multiple dealers to compete for your business

You can now sit back & relax and let us take car of the rest. We engage multiple dealers to compete for your business providing you with the best price on a new or pre-owned car. At the same time we can also organise the highest price on your trade-in.


Step 4We facilitate on your behalf

We will facilitate the entire process on your behalf down to the final payment. This includes assistance with financing as well as all other paper work associated with buying a new car.


Step 5You save time & money

Once the deal is completed, we arrange the delivery of your new car. You will be kept up to date as to estimated delivery times and at your convenience. We can arrange for the car to picked up from the dealer or delivered to your home or office, if required.